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Rapid Engineering and Production of functional components.


About us:







I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for manufacturing processes. I have been involved in the management of manufacturing facilities for over 15 years in the mining and manufacturing industries.


Additive manufacturing have been around for a long time as a novel technology for small scale prototyping and novel production of decorative and hobby items.  I have been interested in this technology as a way of producing small scale production components, but the technology has always been limited in its application for functional components due to production inconsistencies and material limitations.  


The recent development of high temperature additive manufacturing equipment as well as the development of new materials have enabled the production of components that are functional.  This has enabled the rapid engineering and production of funtional components at a very low cost compared to traditional manufacturing processes.  The physical prototyping cycle has virtually been eliminated in some instances. Functional components are modelled and simulated in virtual space and produced without the investment in tooling.


3Disrupt offers this capability to the engineering industry.  We have professional design and simulation capabilities with Fusion 360 and are able to produce functional components in a range of materials with our Intamsys Funmat HT printer.